Seminar Marketing for Financial Professionals

Seminar Crowds! Inc. is proud to provide customized seminar invitations for your direct mail campaign needs.

How to keep new prospects coming to your business? Nothing is efficient as seminar marketing. Done right, a financial seminar can continually generate a stream of new leads. Like any method of lead generation, the key to seminar marketing is consistency.

Our prices start as low as 35.5 cents (depending on volume and type of invitation). Many seminar agents who use us save thousands of dollars every time they mail seminar marketing programs for their direct mail campaign versus what they previously paid other mail houses to fill their financial seminars.

We provide turnkey financial seminar marketing packages for the financial services community and have worked with independent broker-dealers, FMOs, and individual agents and advisors throughout the US. Other professionals such as lawyers, mortgage brokers and life insurance representatives also use our seminar marketing services to promote their businesses, so you can depend on our experience to produce an effective seminar marketing campaign. RSVP's by Tele-Direct are also available if needed

"I’ve been mailing with Seminar Crowds, Inc. for almost four years. Other mail houses are always trying to get my business, but they want way too much money. On my recent 8,000 piece mailing I saved over $2,350 from what other mailhouses would have charged me. Plus, Seminar Crowds doesn’t charge extra for RSVPS. Bravo Seminar Crowds!"

Steve Delott, CLU, ChFC
Senior Market Advisor Magazine 2006
Advisor of the Year

"Our rooms are always full. I have saved well over $4000 every time I mail vs. what I used to pay somewhere else!"

— Craig Randall
Senior Market Advisor Magazine 2007
Advisor of the Year

"This mailer produces such tremendous crowds that I cannot begin to tell you how valuable it is in achieving the results I am getting right now.  You will save $5,000 in just 2 to 3 mailings.  Is this a no brainer or what?"

— Phil Wasserman
#1 Annuity Producer in America

"What I like is they do what they say and they are always trying to help me and my businesses do a better job. They work with us to fill our seminars with qualified prospects that fit the guidelines we give them. I could not be happier with their service or their help. I recommend Seminar Crowds to my agents to fill their seminars. Because of Seminar Crowds, I have been able to grow my business year after year."

— Mark Lindsey
#1 Producer with Allianz in 2005, 2007, 2008 & 2009

"I do not know what makes Seminar Crowds work so well. I only know that last year I spent twice the amount with other companies and received half the results. "Seminar Crowds is everything they said they would be and more. I really did not expect to fill the room on the first day the cards hit peoples homes. That is unbelievable. When I called people to tell them how successful your program is they would not believe me! I was not surprised as I didn't believe it myself. Seminar Crowds is the best and we will be doing a lot of mailings in the future. Thank You for being a resource we can count on."

— T.S. NV

Please Read:

Laws governing the content of advertising material vary from state to state. Also if you are affiliated with a FINRA member firm you may be required to meet FINRA regulations regarding the content of your mailers. It is your obligation to ensure that your mailer/invitation is in full compliance with all applicable state and federal laws, rules and regulations. This includes the word Social Security and any Social Security images. Seminar Crowds, Inc. (SCI) assumes no responsibility for the content of your mailer or compliance with applicable laws. Any forms, templates or suggestions provided by SCI are for convenience only and it is the mailers' responsibility to ensure that his or her mailer fully complies with applicable law.