48hr Our Invitations:
Seminar Crowds! Inc. Low Cost Mailers That Work, are designed to be simple and turn-key. As you will see in the samples below, we have many different invitation types to suit your needs.

On our Regular, Large and Giant postcards, we usually use yellow card stock with black printing; however often times we have different color cardstock that can be selected at no extra charge OR color printing can be added for a small extra charge.

Our Bi-Fold, Tri-Fold, Big Window and Royal Deluxe Wedding Style Invitation(s) offer a fancier alternative to our aforementioned postcard invitation(s).

The strength of our invitation(s) is simplicity; we suggest using as few words as possible. Should you need to use different text than what is on our samples mailers below, we will work with you to customize the card to fit your particular seminar in conjunction with your compliance department's requirements.

Our invitations can be viewed below - simply click on the invitation bar you are interested in viewing, OR click on the "View Samples in 3-D" (adobe flash player required).

* 48 hour turn around availabe on most orders - small extra charge applies


  • Includes the cost of a base mailing list.
  • 24/7 Live RSVP Service Through Tele-Direct if needed
  • Local return address on all mailers. (A HUGE FACTOR!)
  • Proven layout and wording.
  • Advice and experience in every aspect of your seminar planning.


View our invitations in 3-d

Please Read:

Laws governing the content of advertising material vary from state to state. Also if you are affiliated with a FINRA member firm you may be required to meet FINRA regulations regarding the content of your mailers. It is your obligation to ensure that your mailer/invitation is in full compliance with all applicable state and federal laws, rules and regulations. This includes the word Social Security and any Social Security images. Seminar Crowds, Inc. (SCI) assumes no responsibility for the content of your mailer or compliance with applicable laws. Any forms, templates or suggestions provided by SCI are for convenience only and it is the mailers' responsibility to ensure that his or her mailer fully complies with applicable law.